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Job Posting Date: May 21, 2015

Centre for Aboriginal Initiatives

Job Position:    Ciimaan, Kahuwe’yá, Qajaq (Indigenous Language Initiative) Event Coordinator

Dates:              June 8, 2015-November 30, 2015

Hours:              Part-time basis

Salary:             $20.00 per hour

Job Description:

The University of Toronto’s Centre for Aboriginal Initiatives seeks a highly motivated, skilled and experienced Event Coordinator for the “Ciimaan, Kahuwe’yá, Qajaq” Project (Canoe in Anishinaabemowin, Oneida, and Inuktitut) who will work in consultation with the Aboriginal Studies Indigenous Language faculty, and staff to plan, coordinate, advertise, and facilitate a number of Indigenous language events and activities (guest speakers, workshops, social events etc.). These events are intended to promote, support, and sustain the community of language learners and speakers at the University of Toronto, in the G.T.A., and surrounding First Nations.

 The Event Coordinator reports to the Director of the Aboriginal Studies Program and Centre for Aboriginal Initiatives. The coordinator must have an interest in First Nations/Inuit or Metis languages and be able to work within a complex social, cultural and political environment where collaboration is key.  At the same time the coordinator must be goal oriented.


  1. Plans, coordinates, executes and evaluates special language oriented events on behalf of the CAI.
  2. Oversees event budgets and ensures that financial transactions and information is accurately recorded and maintained following university policy and procedures.
  3. Assesses each event success and makes recommendations for future events.
  4. Writes a report for each event that provides a summary of the event, its assessment and recommendations for future events.


An undergraduate degree (or close to completion)


Experience in planning and managing of events required. Assets include: experience working in a post-secondary environment; an understanding of the cultures and histories of the Indigenous communities in Toronto; and knowledge of an Indigenous language.

Closing date:   June 1, 2015

All individuals interested in this position must submit a cover letter and Curriculum Vitae to:

Jennifer Murrin, Administrative Assistant, Aboriginal Studies at aboriginal.studies@utoronto.ca.

Language Event Coordinator


Job Posting date: May 15, 2015

Supporting Aboriginal graduate Enhancement (SAGE)

Centre for Aboriginal Initiatives

Job Position:   Coordinator(s)

Dates:              June 1, 2015-April 30, 2016

Hours:             5-10 hours per week

Salary:             $20.00 per hour



The Coordinator is responsible for managing the activities of the SAGE initiative, which supports Indigenous/Aboriginal graduate students in Master, Doctoral and Professional degrees across the University of Toronto campuses (including UTM and UTSC). Such support includes connecting with students via regular SAGE ‘nest’ meetings, organizing/planning relevant workshops, events and an annual research conference. Activities are planned with an effort to coordinate amongst other student groups and services, faculty and instructors at the University of Toronto, as well as Aboriginal communities where appropriate.


SAGE is a student driven initiative that focuses on enhancing the academic experiences of Indigenous/Aboriginal graduate students at the University of Toronto. Ultimately, SAGE works to support the successful attraction, retention and completion of Indigenous/Aboriginal scholars. SAGE nests exist across Canada at several universities, including the University of British Columbia. SAGE was developed from the Maori and Indigenous Programme (MAI) in New Zealand, which has been successful in increasing the number of Indigenous graduates.


  • Full-time graduate student at the University of Toronto
  • Experience coordinating and planning events, or involvement in student groups

Closing date:   May 25, 2015

All individuals interested in this position must submit a cover letter and Curriculum Vitae to:

Jennifer Murrin, Administrative Assistant, Aboriginal Studies at aboriginal.studies@utoronto.ca.



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